The true little tale of a little store called little z kids

- My boys Max & Eliot, the loves of my life and inspiration for -

My boys Max & Eliot, the loves of my life and inspiration for Little z KidsI always had a love for kids clothes even before I became a mom. The day after I found out I was having a boy, Max, his closet was overflowing with styles that would almost last him into his school years! It really became an obsession/passion...but I found it to be a challenge, just for the fact it was boys clothing. 

Do you know how boring boys clothes are at the typical top retailers? If I saw one more plain t-shirt with a truck, monster, or some sort of sports ball printed on it, I was going to scream! Please don't get me started on the pants...there seemed to be 3 options, wide leg blue jeans, cargo pants or sweatpants. 

Even with girls clothing, there are more options, but I found the same blah theme. Why only pink, ruffles, butterflies, animal prints and gigantic flowers on headbands? Don't get me wrong, I love a girly-girl, but I wanted to change the stereotypical boundaries on both ends. 

Kids fashion HAD to be changed! Boys can wear pink! Girls can wear blue! There CAN be more designs besides trucks and flowers!

This is why Little z Kids was born and this is why my clothing is imported from some of the coolest designers I have teamed up with from all over the world. All the pieces I choose are unisex and are always original and fun! Plus I make sure that everything is super comfy and super cool. 

Little z Kids is known for some of the coolest sweat pants that you won't find anywhere else! Yes, children can wear sweats everyday, but Little z Kids sweats look more like designer play wear! 

Thank you for checking out! By coming here you are supporting a mom owned small business... I am building a future for my sons and dressing cool kids everywhere!

With much love & thanks, 

Sandy Zeccardi, owner/founder